Thursday, July 28, 2016

Obama Killed it at the DNC Convention!!!!!!

Obama was not perfect, but he was a good president!!! He went through racism which no other president had to go through. I will miss him and Michelle, the best FLOTUS we have had to date. 

Kay Kay's Two Cents: Michelle Obama's DNC Speech

It has been a long while since I produced a post of this kind. First of all, Michelle Obama rocks! Second of all, Michelle Obama killed it at the DNC convention. Third of all, there was nothing wrong with her saying, "I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves…I watch my daughters — two beautiful, intelligent, black young women — playing with their dogs on the White House lawn." For all of you who do not know this but slaves DID HELP build the White House. So racists like Bill O’Reilly need to close their mouth and stop criticizing Michelle Obama and downplaying the atrocities of slaves. I don’t care if the slaves were given lodging at the Ritz Carlton, they were still… SLAVES. I really have no time or patience for people that believe there is no racism and say that slavery was a long time ago. Roland Martin stated that African-Americans have only been free for forty years… and institutional racism has never left this nation. So please Bill… have several seats.   

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What am I ?

Hello guys! I wanted to tell you all that I took a DNA test recently to find out what I am. Next month I will receive the results of the test and I will film a reaction video.  

How do I identify?
I identify as a black, Igbo, Nigerian-American female. I was born in the United States but my parents were born and raised in Nigeria. I am a Nigerian citizen and an American citizen just in case you guys were wondering. For all of you that did not know, Igbo is a major ethnic group in Nigeria.

What do I think my results will say?
I think that my results will say that I am from the following countries:
  1. Nigeria
  2. Benin
  3. Togo
  4. Cameroon
  5. Egypt
  6. Algeria 

I am very excited to see the results! 

Random Hair Love!

Mystery Shopping!!!

Mystery shopping is so much fun! I love to mystery shop! Trust me when I tell you that mystery shopping can really bring in the coins. I currently live in the Metro-Detroit area and I started mystery shopping March of this year while I was interning in New York City.  Mystery Shopping companies assign jobs all over the nation, but you will get more jobs and more consistent work if you are staying in a metro city area.

What Companies Should I sign up with?
First and foremost, you SHOULD NEVER PAY TO BE A MYSTERY SHOPPER! That is a scam! Now that we got that out of the way, since I am nice, I am going to give you links to the best companies for mystery shopping. The key to really making a lot of money with mystery shopping is to sign up with many different legitimate companies.
Sign up with:
1.       IntelliShop
2.       BARE International
3.       ath Power Consulting
4.       Customer Service Experts
5.       Strategic Reflections

Money and Payment Questions
In general, you get paid at least ten dollars for your assignment. Most assignments are from ten to twenty dollars and this really adds up. There are also several shops for over one-hundred dollars. I should also note that if you do a restaurant shop then you are paid and you are reimbursed for what you spent. A downside to mystery shopping is that it usually takes one to two months to be paid. Some companies pay you by check, but most prefer that you use Paypal and direct deposit.

In most companies you are given a score after each shop you complete. You are also given a flake citation for flaking without a legitimate reason and then you are given hero citations. Mystery shops are easy to complete and they take about five to ten minutes to complete so don’t worry … you will get a good score!

Why do I mystery shop?
Aside from the easy cash that I make, I feel that I am making a difference while mystery shopping. I once had an instance where a sales associate made blatant homophobic remarks and although I do not identify as LGBT, I was extremely disgusted and offended by that level of disrespect and I wrote about it in the report. I also had another instance where I was treated like trash by a banker, and I felt that he did this because I was black (don’t ask me how I know … when your black you just know these things lol) and I wrote about it in the report. I felt a sense if power by reporting the rude instances and I felt that I was bringing about change.   

So what are you waiting for… START SHOPPING!!!!

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Monday, July 25, 2016

New Hairstyle Alert!

I am going to get this hairstyle done very soon! I have been wearing my hair long for YEARS and I am ready for a change. In regards to the color ... I am torn. I do not know of I should dye my hair a rich black color or do a caramel brown color. SIGH! I recommend that all of you guys go to  The Hairstyler to help you decide what style will be the best for you. You can even upload a picture and try on a hairstyle! The site even rates how much the hairstyle is a fit for you!  


Welcome Kelechi Uchendu to Detroit Fashion News!!!!

I am very excited to announce that I am now a writer at Detroit Fashion News. Please check out this blog so that you can see the amazing content that the team produces. Also CLICK HERE to look at my biography! 

Life Updates!!!!!

I absolutely  LOVE this photo!!!!! #model #boston #ombrehair #blowout #feelingmyself #smokeyeye #makeuponfleek #skinonfleek #hotgirl #prettygirlswag #pretty #showstopper #blackgirlmagic #blackbarbie #beyonce #smile #Africanbaddies #nigerian #nigerianamerican #gorgeous #africansonfire #african #furvest #amazingsmile #smizing @baddbrownies #baddbrownies:
Hello guys!!!! I am soooooooooo sorry that I have been inactive on this blog for a year or so. In my defense I have been soooo busy!!! I just wanted to update you guys on several things. First of all I plan to start blogging at least several times a week. Yayyy!!! In addition, I spent the first half of this year interning in New York City and I recently graduated from Vermont Law School!!! Thank God!!! I am currently: interning in Detroit, residing in Metro-Detroit, conducting legal research, and writing for a fashion blog (more about that later), and I am pursuing my LLM online through Vermont Law School. I love you guys and I thank you for your support and I promise to do my very best to get up on it!