Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Dash Diet Journey: My Favorite Fast Food Meal

I have been on the Dash diet since the end of November. I have learned a lot about eating healthy and about reducing my sodium intake. I make sure that I do not consume more 1500 milligrams of sodium per day. This is not a hard task...unless one decides to eat out. Since being on this diet, I pretty much eat out at salad bars and Taco Bell. Taco Bell? Yes, Taco Bell. Taco Bell is VERY unhealthy. However, their Fresco crunchy tacos are very healthy in every single way.  I LOVE these tacos because they are cheap, delicious, and meet the Dash diet criteria. So, if you are trying to be healthy, but love fast food, then just eat at Taco Bell! 

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Name for my Fans

Okay... Beyonce has her #beyhive, Rihanna has her #rihannanavy, Demi Lovato has her #lovatics ... I have my K-way.   I'm so #extra but ummmmm I'm serious because I have fans now. On the real...I'm so blessed ...God has been too great... if you told me when I was a sad 14-year old that I would have this life... I would stare at you in disbelief 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

If you are looking for a simple and unique makeup look aside from the typical red lipstick, then we will help you achieve the perfect face for Valentine’s Day. I worked with a makeup artist at Sephora to come up with a look that will be universally flattering on everyone!

Step One:  Before you start applying makeup you should always prep your skin. Skin prep will vary from person to person, but everyone should be exfoliating and moisturizing their skin. The following is a list of products that I used (these products are listed in the order they were used).

Step Three:  Use a lightweight foundation such as MILK Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint SPF 30.
Step Four:  If you need to conceal some spots on your face try  Too Faced Born This Way Naturally Radiant Concealer.
Step Five:  Highlight your face with BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter. If you do not know how to highlight your face, then watch this tutorial.
Step Six:  Apply the  BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Luminous Blush in the color Snapdragon.
Step Seven:  Use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz to whip any unruly brows into shape.
Step Eight:   Line your eyes with Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet. If you do not know how to line your eyes, then please watch this professional tutorial.
Step Nine: Blend several colors from the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection Palette(Candied Peach, Georgia, Bellini, Luscious, and  Charmed, I’m Sure) across your eyelids for precious results!
Step Ten: Wear COVERGIRL’s So Lashy! blastPRO Mascara to achieve the longest lashes you will ever have.
Step Eleven:  Finally, line your lips with a lip liner (tarte Tarteist Lip Crayon in Latergram)  and throw on an adorable lipstick (Sephora Collection Rouge Balm SPF 20 in Enchanting Blush).
All photos are the property of Kay Kay's World LLC. 

Kay Kay's Outfit

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Headband: Nordstrom 

Leggings: Lyssé

                                  Jacket: Trento, Italy

Kay Kay's Two Cents: Donald Trump Bans People from Several Muslim Countries from Entering the United States of America

Disclaimer: PLEASE WATCH the following videos before you here my two-cents. 

I am honestly not surprised...but I am disgusted. If you voted for Trump... then you are a VERY PROBLEMATIC PERSON and I REALLY resent you. Lastly, I have LOADS of contempt for you. This is the new America smh. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kay Kay's Two Cents: Stacey Dash ... IS FIRED!!!!

Stacey Dash is one of the biggest coons nowadays and is no stranger to controversy. However, all fo her cooning did not save her from being booted from Fox lol! There is not much to say here except... NEVER BE A COON. When people who are using you to promote their racist, homophobic, etc. values are done with you... they will discard you... SWIFTLY AND PROFESSIONALLY! Hate to be blunt (actually I don;t care) I do not feel sorry for her and at all. With her good looks and acting resume, she could have definitely picked up many gigs that did not involve her cooning lol.

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Kay Kay's Two Cents: The Women's March

Disclaimer: There are many informational links sprinkled throughout this post... CHECK THEM OUT!

Hello! Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard that women have been marching all over the nation.  I am definitely here for the movement and I will explain why. I consider myself a feminist. A feminist is someone who is working to advance ALL woman... not just the interests of women who belong to ALL of these three categories: white, straight, and cisgender. The movement featured women of ALL backgrounds and clearly encouraged and celebrated the discussion of intersectionality (I will link a video below that explains what this is). Therefore, I did not agree with the black men and women who said that the movement was part of the white supremacy agenda etc.  I definitely condemn fake feminists like Lena Dunham who only care about white women who are straight and cisgender and who love to put down black men, but this movement was none of that at all. 

If you Missed the Woman's March on Washington ... HERE IT IS !!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Kay Kay's Two Cents: Marla Maples and Tiffany Trump Asked a Hairstylist To Do Their Inauguration Hair for Free

Hey, guys! Now, before you continue reading this article, CLICK HERE to understand the situation at hand because I will not be recapping the article ... I will just be giving my two-cents!  Marla and Tiffany you guys should be ashamed of yourselves! That is EXTREMELY tacky... exposure does not pay the bills smh. Now, if the hair stylist approached them, it would be perfectly fine for them to tell her that her payment will be  "social media exposure." However, if you are going to ask a professional for their services... then you should expect to pay for those services.

As a member of the blogging world and the fashion industry, I have noticed that there are people trying to take advantage of you if you are not careful. For example, I was once asked to review a product, pay for a photo shoot,  and then send the products back.  It's bad enough that I would be getting nothing from advertising the products, but I would technically be paying someone to provide them a service... which is absolutely unacceptable. Even if you are a new hair stylist, blogger etc. that only has one client or one follower on Instagram, every deal that you do much be mutually beneficial. Remember guys, do not be so thirsty for opportunities that you drink from every cup... some cups contain poison.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sylvester Ndhlovu: RuvaAfricWear

RuvaAfricWear is one of the hottest African fashion lines at the moment. We had the honor of interviewing Sylvester Ndhlovu, the founder of RuvaAfricWear.
KAY KAY: How would you describe your style?
Ndhlovu: My personal fashion style is sporty and natural since I prefer to wear soccer jerseys, sweatpants or basic jeans. I’ll have to say my style has also been evolving into dramatic and trendy since I have started wearing my designs that tend to be flashy because of the African prints I use.
KAY KAY: How would you describe the style of RuvaAfricWear?
Ndhlovu: RuvaAfricWear emphasizes on everyday functional clothing with an African flair, it’s sort of a hybrid between western and African styles. Most African designs tend to be very loud and colorful so people feel like they can only wear them to an event. RuvaAfricWear designs are meant to be functional and to add just a bit of African flair to everyday wear. My goal for the brand is to have people wearing African clothing at the gym, at work, church, beach/pool etc. (pretty much everywhere and doing anything).
KAY KAY: What was your background before you opened RuvaAfricWear?
Ndhlovu: My undergraduate degrees are in Business and Economics and I also have an MBA. Over the past five years, I have been working in Finance for a hospital in Minnesota. I’m a self-taught designer who is still learning the craft, but my business acumen comes in very handy.
KAY KAY: What was the hardest part about opening RuvaAfricWear?
Ndhlovu: The hardest part has been building brand awareness and generate enough web traffic to the website. Marketing has become so different now and because I also do most of my business online it’s hard to get web traffic without putting in some work into SEO (search engine optimization).
KAY KAY: Where do you see yourself and RuvaAfricWear in the next five years?
Ndhlovu: In the next 5 years, I’ll have multiple boutiques and retail store buyer accounts offering RuvaAfricWear in their stores. RuvaAfricWear will have a respectable brand awareness in the USA and I’ll be working to expand the brand internationally. I also see myself traveling to many different African countries to source for African prints and get inspiration for seasonal collections. RuvaAfricWear will also be contributing to building self-sufficient and sustainable African communities through supplier relationships or expanding manufacturing in Africa.
KAY KAY: What do you love the most about RuvaAfricWear?
Ndhlovu: Seeing the end product of my designs and how they look on real people instead of mannequins.
KAY KAY: What made you want to open RuvaAfricWear?
Ndhlovu: I love African art and fashion so my partners and I decided to start an online store to share all the exquisite and well-crafted African art and fashion from various countries. The website was launched late last year and the first RuvaAfricWear clothing line collection was released in February.
KAY KAY: How did you get started opening RuvaAfricWear?
Ndhlovu: RuvaAfricWear is an online store only and I don’t plan on owning any brick and mortar store, so starting it was a bit easier than a physical store. I did spend a lot of sleepless hours building the website and adding products in the first three months. The great thing about e-commerce now is that there are so many platforms that offer templates, so at least I didn’t have to do everything from scratch or need extensive coding knowledge.
KAY KAY: We support everyone wearing African fashion no matter their background! However, like a lot of people, I do not appreciate the cultural appropriation and stereotyping that has occurred with a few popular fashion companies and designers. What is your opinion on cultural appropriation and the like?
Ndhlovu: We grow as people when we embrace our differences and celebrate each other’s cultures, so I’m very supportive of everyone wearing African fashion regardless of their background and race as long as they’re not mocking it or doing it in bad taste. I intentionally work with a diverse group of models, MUA and photographers so I can showcase my clothing to everyone, not just Africans or African Americans. Fashion is just like any other work of art so if we alienate a group of people we’re just burning a bridge that could have brought us closer. If you have been to a Hip Pop concert lately you’ll notice that it’s very diverse because people come together when they have something in common to celebrate, so I hope African fashion can be just as diverse in the future.
KAY KAY: What advice would you give to future designers and entrepreneurs? 
Ndhlovu: My advice to future designers is to design clothes that people want to wear. As designers, sometimes we focus on aesthetics and neglect the functionality of the end product. If your goal is to sell your collection to the masses then you have to design something functional, in demand and trendy. The general advice I’ll give to entrepreneurs is to find your niche, be patient and be willing to put in the work.
KAY KAY: How did you come up with the name RuvaAfricWear?
Ndhlovu: RuvaAfricWear is obviously a combination of three words, Ruva, African, and Wear. Ruva is the name of my second daughter and it means flower in Shona (Zimbabwe) and just like RuvaAfricWear.com, she was also born in 2015. Ruva or “Flower” symbolizes beauty, passion, humility, lasting friendship, compassion, fascination, thankfulness, royalty, and many others positive symbolisms we associate with Africa and the RuvaAfricWear brand.
KAY KAY: How has it been like to work with Zuvaa?
Ndhlovu: Working with Zuvaa has been great and I’m so thrilled that RuvaAfricWear is available to Zuvaa customers both online and in the city to city Pop Up tours. The biggest thing when trying to sell a collection or build brand awareness is to have great marketing that reaches the desired target market, so Zuvaa allows me to build this brand awareness which would probably take me a few years on my own.
KAY KAY: Even though you are from Zimbabwe, I noticed that your clothing has influences from several African nations, such as Ethiopia. I love this because I feel that it makes your line more unique.  A lot of African designers will get their styles from only one nation or region of Africa. What inspired you to design your collection this way? 
Ndhlovu: I went to an international high school in Ghana where I had a great opportunity to interact with many students from different parts of Africa.  When I think about it now, it gives me great joy to have lived in this wonderful environment that had a fusion of cultures and fashion. I want my collection and RuvaAfricWear to connect with all Africans and everyone who’s into African culture, art, and fashion. In order to do that, I have to design clothes that have African prints or styles from different parts of Africa, just like how my website sells items from different African countries. My collection is still new and expanding so I’d say right now there is a lot of influence from Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, and Ghana, but the goals are to showcase as many African countries in future collections. I’m actually working on a collection that has lots of influence from East Africa, I’m using vibrant Maasai prints so stay tuned for that.

RuvaAfricWear made an appearance in Detroit at Zuvaa’s pop-up tour. If you were not able to attend the event, then please read “Zuvaa Pop Up Tour: Detroit.”

All other photos are the property of Kay Kay's World LLC

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Hand Modeling Pictures

Manicure: tenoverten

Link to purchase the nail polish: https://goo.gl/Zl6tWU

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Herbivore Botanicals Discount

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Clear skin makes makeup look SO MUCH better! I love @herbivorebotanicals !!! One of my favorite exfoliators is the Blue Tansy AHA + BHA Resurfacing Clarity Mask !!! I love it so much that I have a discount for my readers!!! Use the code KAYKAY to get 15% off of your purchase!!!! Here is the link to my favorite product: https://goo.gl/6EN43u 

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Black in Vermont: Have "Friends" and be Fake or have less Friends and be "Real"

Disclaimer: This series is a reflection of what it was like to be a black woman in Vermont. I learned a lot from my time in Vermont as well. This is in NO WAY stating that everyone in Vermont is racist or holds the same views. This post explores how it was like for me to live in a "liberal" homogenous state. This series is not only about heavy and sad topics but will also discuss fun topics as well. Lastly, if I mention an incident DO NOT assume that the person I am talking about is a Vermont native etc. Again, the title of this series is "Black in Vermont" because I am a black woman who was living in Vermont at the time. This series was started because many people I did not know were asking me about my experience in Vermont. These people were young black people who wanted to know how life would be in a liberal state with virtually no diversity. DO NOT READ TO DEEPLY INTO THE TITLE...IT IS JUST A TITLE LOL!

Disclaimer: Please pay attention to the links sprinkled throughout this post, they are there to educate you. 

While living in Vermont I met ALOT OF COOL PEOPLE! Some of these cool people were Vermont natives and then some of these people were new to Vermont like me. However, I also meet ALOT of problematic people, to say the least. These people were problematic because they practically sprayed microaggressions around like they were spraying perfume, were blatantly racist, or thought they were "so liberal and progressive" when they really HAD A LOT OF WORK TO DO. 

When I was living in a small town and going to a small school I felt like I had to keep the peace and be professional. In addition, since I am a black woman (especially one from an area like Metro-Detroit) living in a predominantly white area, I did not want to come across as being an "angry black woman" or the "ghetto black girl from Detroit." Despite these fears, I just never did the fake (thank you Detroit for teaching me to keep it real). Instead, I would talk in class if someone said something ignorant, only hung out with people that I genuinely liked, and did not let people disrespect me. However, I did have to pick and choose my battles ( I had to protect my mental health). This meant that I did not scream at the guy who asked me, "how are black woman able to drop dat ass" or  growl at the guys that referred to me as a "hot black girl." 

I encourage anyone who is going to be in a similar situation as myself to keep it real. Do not make problematic people feel comfortable ... they never make you feel comfortable!  Instead, keep it real and say #byeFelicia to the losers who will only like you of you are a docile black person. I mean ... who needs that negativity anyway. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Paridaez Discount Code !!!!!!!

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I LOVE Paridaez !!!! Use the code KAYKAYSWAY to get 10% off of your purchase!!!!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What is Conventional Beauty?

A month ago I was riding in an Uber and my Uber driver told me that I was "so articulate." This may seem like a compliment... but it is not, it is a microaggression to call a black person "articulate." If you are confused as to way this offensive then please READ THIS and READ THIS and READ THIS and READ THIS and finally READ THIS. What I learned in Vermont is that I WILL NEVER MAKE RACIST, BIGOTED, OR SEXIST  people feel comfortable. Therefore, I told him that I do not speak any different from any other person which made him backtrack his statement lol. Finally, this man told me that Lupita Nyong'o was not conventionally beautiful but she was beautiful. The way he said this seemed VERY problematic to me. What is conventional beauty? I immediately challenged him. I told him (in classic SJW fashion) that people who do not have blond hair, blue eyes, and Caucasian features are just as beautiful as those who fit his definition of "conventional beauty." For example, Jessica Simpson and Lupita look very different from one another but they are BOTH conventionally beautiful because they are BOTH beautiful ... period! 

When he said this about Lupita it was plain to me that he was implying that it was surprising for a dark-skinned African woman to be seen as pretty. If any of what I am saying so far confuses you them please READ THIS

Attitudes like this are why there are many women of color with low self-esteem issues and I refuse to tolerate this. I am going to be using my platform to continue to empower women, start discussions, and ultimately heal wounds.