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Kay Kay's Interviews

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1.       Allison Daroie: Paridaez:
2.       Kheris Rogers: #FlexinInHerComplexion
3.       Stacy Igel: Boy Meets Girl®
4.       HAIRiette
5.       Òrí Botanics
6.       Monique Little: You Go Natural
7.       Asmau Ahmed: Plum Perfect
8.       Andrea Ichite: Aini Organix
9.       cScrubs
10.   Tywana Smith: Treasured Locks

11.   Muhga Eltigani: NaturAll Club
12.   Sylvester Ndhlovu: RuvaAfricWear
13.   Chioma and Uchenna Ngwudo: Cee Cee’s Closet NYC
14.   Ofunne Amaka: Cocoa Swatches
15.   Ade Hassan: Nubian Skin
16.   Alice Greczyn: House of Simpkin
17.   George the Jeweler
18.   #TeamCorn
19.   African-American Fashion Models in Detroit
20.   African-American Fashion Models in Detroit: Part Two
21.   African-American Fashion Models in Detroit: Part Three

23.   CFDA: Ashley-Brooke Sandall
24.   Caryce Porter: Nude Sole
25.   Sophie Elgort: The Genius Behind the Lens
26.   Chatting with Christina Milian
27.   Nneya Richards is #GOALS
28.   SYMON
29.   Interviewing with Kay Kay: Nikki SooHoo
30.   Interviewing with Kay Kay: Tag
31.   National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month: Kheris Rogers’ Bullying Story
32.   Interviewing with Kay Kay: Kelechi Okafor
33.   Roslyn Karamoko: Détroit Is The New Black



SYMON met with KAY KAY and spilled the tea on what it’s like being in the music industry. Here’s what SYMON had to say to Kay Kay while wearing a gorgeous caped dress by Kamilla Purshie.
KAY KAY: How are you liking Detroit? Is this your first time here?
SYMON:  This is my first time in Detroit! I have been to Michigan before but I was way up north where it is a lot quieter. So, it is great to be here and it is very beautiful and it is great to have such amazing friends here that have been showing me some really cool local spots.
KAY KAY: So glad you are a fan of our city. We are happy to have you. Since you are a host on SiriusXM Hits 1, I have to ask you, who is your favorite artist (or artists) at the moment and what song (or songs) are you obsessed with right now?
SYMON:  I am obsessed with Ariana Grande’s album Sweetener. I think it is just an incredible body of work and her voice is incredible.
KAY KAY: As an artist, what was the hardest part about breaking into the industry?
SYMON:  I still feel like I am breaking into the industry. I feel like you are never quite where you want to be and you are always aiming to be more successful or accomplished. There is also competition with yourself as well. It is good to be grateful for where you are and I am really grateful with where I am right now and I am excited to move forward!
KAY KAY: How did you get started?
SYMON:  I started a pop-rock band in my garage when I was sixteen and it ended up being on TV and Radio Disney. Before I knew it, I was traveling all over the place and I got signed with Sony and I have had two Top 40 hit singles in the last two years.
KAY KAY: What challenges have you had to overcome?
SYMON:  It can be challenging to get people to believe in you, but it really only takes one person or a few people. For example, one of the heads of SiriusXM believed in me and my boss at SiriusXM for the station that I am on believed in me and gave me this opportunity. To get this break to talk to millions and millions of people, makes me feel so grateful every day.
KAY KAY: What advice would give to those who are trying to break into the music industry?
SYMON:  Whatever your craft is, make sure you become the best you can be. Also, learn from others and work hard! Social media is also great to get a lot of people to see you and you can even create your own brand on YouTube. You can put yourself on!
KAY KAY: Can you spill the tea about any of your upcoming projects and music?
SYMON: I am focusing a lot on my hosting and moving a lot of that onto television, so wait and see!
Symon and Kelechi Uchendu
We would like to thank SYMON for taking the time to interview with us. Also, be sure to follow @officialsymon on Instagram and @officialsymon on Twitter. In addition, watch SYMON on Hits 1 in Hollywood on channel 2 on SiriusXM. Finally, CLICK HERE to check out some additional video footage of Kay Kay with SYMON.

Photographer: Cheryl Zemke.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Chatting with Christina Milian

Christina Milian

Kay Kay's Way was honored to talk with Milian about her upcoming projects, her jewelry line, and even her bestie Karrueche while we were at the Pink Carpet Gala. 

KAY KAY: Hello, how are you doing?
Milian:  I am doing well and I am happy to be here in Detroit. Detroit has been really good to me. George and his family have been fantastic to me and it is really great to be here at the Pink Carpet Gala for a good cause.
KAY KAY: So, you recently developed a collaborative collection with George the Jeweler (House of Fine Gold’s collection, ReMIXd). How would you describe this line?
Milian:  I would describe our line as classic pieces that are expressive, young and edgy but at the same time are pieces that you can wear forever. The pieces are 14 karat gold and we have varieties of rose-gold, white-gold, and yellow-gold. Also, we are now starting to build a new collection that is more affordable. Many people want to be able to throw something on with their Fashion Nova outfit so we wanted to cater to that fan base as well. We feel very fortunate that people have invested in our company and are buying our pieces and these are pieces that they can and will wear forever.
KAY KAY: I am wearing a piece from your collection so I can definitely vouch for that!
Milian:  I see, represent!
KAY KAY: You have been super successful in the entertainment industry for so long. How does it feel to be a part of the fashion industry?
Milian:  Being a part of the fashion industry is fun to me. I started a clothing line a couple of years ago so it was fun to start there. I have learned a lot with the clothing industry and now doing jewelry it is something to add on top of it. I have always worn lots of accessories and I have grown to appreciate fine jewelry as I have gotten older and I would love to pass that on to my daughter. I love this business!
KAY KAY: Can you please spill the tea about any upcoming projects you have including the new Hallmark Christmas movie?
Milian:  I was shooting the movie in Vancouver and I literally just got done shooting the new movie yesterday! The movie is called Memories of Christmas and it will be out at the beginning of December so please keep an eye out for that! I am one of the first actresses of color to be the star of a holiday movie for Hallmark and it is so beautiful and it gives me chills when I think about it. I also did a television show called The Oath where I play a cop and the second season of The Oath will be out next year on Sony Crackle!
KAY KAY: You and Karrueche Tran are super close and she is your best friend so we would love to give a shout out to Karrueche because we are so proud of her!
Milian:  I watched all of this happen with her and I get chills over her success. There was something special about her when I met her. She is a star and you cannot pull a star down. She has always had a very positive attitude and she has grown and I love the woman that she has become.
KAY KAY: We love seeing women of color killing it in the industry.
Milian: It is very beautiful and it is a long way coming. I have been in the industry for decades and I have seen the lack of opportunities out there for women of color. However, there are many women of color like Angela Bassett, Sanaa Lathan, Jennifer Lopez, and Kerry Washington who have broken so many barriers and have helped pave the way and change television and entertainment. People are now recognizing that we all need each other and there is an audience that would love to see people of color on television.
Christina Milian

CLICK HERE to see Kay Kay's LIVE with Christina Milian.
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Photographer:  Cheryl Zemke
Featured Photo – Bradford Rogne Photography

Saturday, September 8, 2018

CFDA: Ashley-Brooke Sandall

Ashley-Brooke Sandall, Director of Strategic Partnerships at the Council of Fashion Designers, Inc. (CFDA) in New York City

The CFDA is a non-profit trade association that was founded in 1962. The CFDA hosts the CFDA Fashion Awards every year and even stages New York Fashion Week: Men’s. The CFDA (whose membership count is over 500) calls many notable talents in the fashion industry its members. For example, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Rachel Zoe, Vera Wang, Yeohlee Teng, Carlos Campos, Nick Graham, Gerard Yosca, Mimi So, and Virgil Abloh are all members of the CFDA!
As the Director of Strategic Partnerships, Sandall is responsible for helping the CFDA develop and manage partnerships with companies such as IMG, Google, and Nordstrom. Kay Kay's Way has a lot of readers who are in university and are dreaming of a career in the fashion industry. So, we are pleased to be able to share this amazing interview with you all so that you can learn more about Sandall and also get more insight into how one can begin a career in fashion!

KAY KAY: How would you describe your style?
Sandall:  I think I am a little bit more classic. I try to dress for myself. It is also important to know your audience as well. How you present yourself is the first impression people get of you. It is also not how much money you spend it is about just being appropriate and expressing yourself through fashion.
KAY KAY: What has been the most memorable experience in your career?
Sandall:  I would say that the CFDA awards when Beyoncé was the style icon of the year. This was the first year that we partnered with Instagram in creating a custom booth. We also did the live stream with Facebook. To me to have the opportunity to a) celebrate a woman who is a style icon and b) to be able to utilize our partnerships to create a more consumer-facing initiative was super important and this was possible through our great partnerships with Instagram and Facebook. Also, standing five feet away from Beyoncé was cool as well!
KAY KAY: I am a part of the Beyhive, are you also a member of the Beyhive?
Sandall:  Yes, I am!
KAY KAY: What was the hardest thing you had to overcome when you started out in the fashion industry?
Sandall:  I would say that not having enough confidence in myself to know that I could be successful in the fashion industry.
KAY KAY: What advice would you give people (especially high school students and college students) who would like to become a part of the fashion industry? How can they break into the industry?
Sandall:  I think it is about being proactive. Definitely being on LinkedIn sending messages and getting a resume put together (even if you do not have a lot of work experience). I also think that getting an internship at a company that gives you credibility is most important (even if it is not at the exact company that you want to work for after you graduate). Then it is all about networking. If you have the opportunity to be at a major city like New York then you should take advantage of your time there by looking at the different events you can go to whether its gallery openings at Chelsea or panel discussions. This is so important because you never know who you will meet. You should also examine your skill set and sell yourself on your strengths and think of ways to differentiate yourself. For example, if your interested in business but do photography on the side then mention that in interviews that you also have a creative passion as well.
We would like to thank Ashley-Brooke Sandall for taking the time to interview with us! Also, be sure to follow @cfda on Instagram@cfda on Facebook,  and @CFDA on Twitter.
Photo – Courtesy of Decoded Fashion

Monday, August 27, 2018

I am 26!!!!!!!

I turned 26 on August 25th! Therefore, from now until the sale ends ( sale ends on September 9th at 11:59pm) you can get 26% off of your purchase at Kay Kay's Fashion. Just use the code "26" when you check out! Also, shipping is ALWAYS free for ALL customers around the world!!! 

So many blessings have come to me since I turned 25. I am excited to see what God has in store for me now that I am 26. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Kay Kay's Favorite Zuvaa Pieces for the Summer

Summer is the Perfect Time to Incorporate Afrocentric Pieces from Zuvaa Into your Outfit.

I am going to show you several of our favorite fashion items from Zuvaa (an online marketplace that sells authentic Afrocentric pieces from various artists from around the world). I will also tell you how to wear these pieces so that you can have several killer summer outfits!
This jacket is absolutely adorable! Pair this piece with a black jumpsuit and go easy on the jewelry since the jacket is so bold. Finally, make sure that you wear nude shoes (DFN loves Nude Sole since the company carries nude shoes for all skin tones) with this outfit to finish off the look.

Ona Swimsuit
Who said you can’t wear swimwear on the streets??!!! Turn this swimsuit into a cool laid-back outfit by throwing on some denim cutoffs and Minnetonka booties.
Yellow Maxi
This dress is perfect for a special event in the summer. The nice thing about this dress is that you only need to wear some stud earrings and heels to complete your outfit.
Trojola Coat
This coat will make you look like you are Gigi Hadid on the runway! Pair this beauty with a black mini dress and some divalicious heels!
All images are courtesy of Zuvaa

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Òrí Botanics

“I’ve Never Heard a Babe Say She Wants Dull, Dry Skin”
This is the quote found on the website of the skincare brand, Òrí Botanics. I am obsessed with Òrí Botanics because the quality is so important to this skincare brand. For example, Òrí Botanics will produce all of their products in small batches in order for them to be delivered as fresh as possible to the customers! I am thankful that I was able to speak with the founder of Òrí Botanics, Sinmisola Esene. Enjoy!


Sinmisola Esene

KAY KAY: How would you describe your skin care routine?

Esene: My skincare routine is deliberate but simple. I love to take care of my body and I believe that every woman and man should love to take care of themselves as well. Between my daily routines and spa treatments, I am able to maintain my best look. I love to treat myself to a massage and bath and Moroccan Hammam in Calgary South gives the best bath!

Ori Botanics

KAY KAY: What was your background before you opened Òrí Botanics?

Esene: I grew up in Nigeria and I left Nigeria for Canada to study, expand my knowledge in business, be around other creative and diverse individuals, and develop as much as I could. Like so many young adults in their twenties, it was a very intense period in my life. I was in a transition phase and coming from a family of intellectuals, I felt that I needed to figure out who I was and where I was going. The defining moment came on one of my trips to Nigeria. On this trip, I noticed the disparity between dark-skinned and light-skinned people. There were mostly billboards of light-skinned people promoting cosmetics and beauty and I wanted this to change. I also wanted people to feel more confident in their skin. 

KAY KAY: What made you want to launch Òrí Botanics?

Esene: I established my brand after seeing a gap in the market for natural and organic skincare products. A lot of women in Nigeria use skin lightening products and these products can cause a lot of damage to the skin. It can be very challenging to convince people that bleaching their skin will compromise their health but I see this challenge as an opportunity to create awareness.

KAY KAY: What was the hardest part about launching Òrí Botanics?

Esene: Building a diverse and sustainable skincare brand can present huge challenges. The main challenge is addressing the costs that are associated with importing and exporting in and out of Canada.

KAY KAY: Where do you see yourself and Òrí Botanics in the next five years?

Esene: I have big dreams and I would like for the brand to grow in a meaningful and sustainable way. First of all, I would also like to reach more consumers here in Canada and globally. In addition, I would like Òrí Botanics to become a powerful and innovative household brand.

Ori Botanics

KAY KAY: What do you love the most about Òrí Botanics?

Esene:  I absolutely love the freedom of being creative and working in a constantly evolving field. Every project is full of potential and building a brand for myself is very exciting and I learn something new and special every day.

KAY KAY: How did you get started launching Òrí Botanics?

Esene:  I started Òrí Botanics with my husband. When we first launched the company, we offered a routine that consisted of six steps. However, we quickly realized that the routine was too complex and we decided to promote simplicity in skin care.

Ori Botanics products

KAY KAY: What are the benefits of rosehip oil?

Esene: Rosehip oil was used by the ancient Egyptians because of its healing properties. Our oil has a light-yellow color. It is also known as a dry oil which means that it is non-greasy, super light and easily absorbed. Our pure rosehip oil is handpicked, one-hundred percent organic and cold pressed. It consists of eighty percent fatty acids, omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 which assists in repair and skin cell regeneration. Also, it contains vitamin C which has brightening properties and helps to correct any pigmentation issues that one may have. Our oil also contains vitamin E which calms and hydrates dry and sensitive skin.

Ori Botanics Girl Group

Special thanks to Sinmisola Esene for taking the time to interview with us! Be sure to follow @oribotanics on Instagram,  @OriBotanics on Twitter, and @OriBotanics on Facebook.

Photographer for all of the photos: 2Click Photography