Monday, April 29, 2013

What your Craving Means

Bright Lips !!!!! Don't be Afraid of it, Summer is coming !!!!!!!!!!

President's Graduation Event

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Cowles House

Denise B. Maybank , Michigan State University’s Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Services and I

MSU President Lou Anna K Simon and I


Sparty On!

Life Update !!!!!!! Cowles House and etc.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Try this!!!!!!!

Smooth Leg Recipe !!!!!!!!

Shave first then use this. For extra hydration finish off with some lotion.  You will love it !

Life Tips: Dear...Me in High School

Have you ever heard the saying, " hindsight is better than 20/20 vision". Well that saying is so true. I have always wanted to write a letter to my fourteen year old self, and now that I am about to begin  a brand new chapter of my life I want to write the letter now.

Dear Blessed One ,

I know that you are trying to improve yourself  , but you need to know that you can't win them all. Do not take it personally when someone treats you disrespectfully ( note that I am not saying that you should tolerate disrespect, I am just saying do not let it ruin your day). You need to understand that there are some people that would still view you the same way even if you ended world hunger and won a Nobel Peace Prize. Basically, little girl, you need to STOP TRYING TO BE PERFECT! You are more than enough the way you are!

Babe, another thing you need to realize is that your years in high school will be go by so quickly, and after that they  won't really matter. Therefore, you need to brush the haters to one side. Yes, it hurts when you have to deal with some judgmental people ( notice I said people and not children... some people never grow up)  who are literally watching your every move (and don't get me started on the group of girls who tease you just because you allegedly went out of your league when it came to having a crush ...) . The bottom line is this, what people do is a reflection of them and not a reflection of you. Those people are clearly going through something ( no excuse though)  which is causing them to feel so low that they feel like they need to pull someone ( who they think is weak)  down.

An important point that I need to make is that you need to keep up with those prayer walks with Mommy. You may not see it now but by the year 2013 you would have:  been to every continent except for Asia, been on national television twice, met Snoop Dogg, own an international blog,  be attending  law school at the number one school for environmental law in the nation , graduated from MSU a year early, modeled in a city fashion show, been specializing in a science degree, and grown into a very lovely young lady!

Now, as for those people that I mentioned earlier, they will be insignificant. Just focus on bettering yourself, and never let anyone get in your way. I also encourage you to never be afraid to drop people. If someone is bringing you down, is a frenemy, or is just not moving in the same direction as you then just cut them lose. You will later find great, great friends.  All in all just trust in God because He knows what is best for you. Don't freak out if your plan  doesn't come through as you dreamed it to  because as you will see in the future, God is driving the car for your life...not you.


A Child of Promise

I was 14 and I was about to begin my sopohmore year of high school.  When I took this picture I had no idea that God would have given me all that he did. I am so thankful. 

Me at my RISE graduation event! I received my certificate of completion for my environmental studies specialization.

Snoop and I! 

Good Afternoon America!


Me today. I have come a long way... and I look pretty fine ;)

Saturday, April 27, 2013


End of Classes

This is a very emotional bitter-sweet time for me. Next week is finals, and then I am done. It is crazy to think that time has gone by this fast.

Friday, April 26, 2013

RISE Graduation Luncheon!!!!!

Hey guys! Today was crazy busy for me, but I am so happy ! Today was my RISE graduation luncheon! I received my certificate in Environmental Studies! I am so thankful to God that I am doing this a year early too :D  It was a really chill lunch at the MSU Kellogg Hotel. I really recommend RISE :D

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Life Tips: Teaching People how to Treat You/Respect

In today's world there is a real lack of  R-E-S-P-E-C-T. People do not know how to respect others and that is because they cannot even respect themselves; you can't give out what you do not have.I remember when I had enough. It was the summer before my freshman year in high school, I had a chance to start a fresh. I was sick of the way people had treated me before. I was sick of being  the butt of all the jokes and I wanted to know how it felt  to be treated with respect. So, I made a game plan. I would be very academically successful , avoid drama , and change my image. For the most part, my plan worked. People began to respect me ( and those who didn't, well I dropped them and/or ignored them )  and that just encouraged me to demand even more respect. Today I have the last laugh, I am NOT  the butt of any jokes. The moral of the story is this: you have to teach people how to treat you. If you say you are a queen then you will be treated as such; never settle for anything. Also, do not be disrespectful, that's not tough or cute...its just ratched. Working on your self confidence ( see here: will help you demand more respect and also respect others. I pray that you guys, my fans, will learn to love and respect yourselves, remember this is not a short process. Peace and love.

I demand respect because I am me. No explanation needed... like Beyonce said BOW DOWN. lol jk :P

Quote to Live By

Do not depend on someone else ( especially a man ) for your own happiness.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Graduation Hairstyle Idea

Hey! So, I am thinking of different ways to wear my hair for graduation. I have a total of FOUR grad events to attend. I was thinking of doing a fish tail braid for my two main grad events on May 3rd and 4th. What do you guys think?

Kim Kardashian
ME! Courtesy of

Things I will not miss after graduation...

  1. Noisy dorms 
  2. How messy campus can get on a game day or a holiday like St. Patrick's day 
  3. Having a smaller space 
  4. Well Hall Preachers. If you go to MSU then you know what I am talking about. For all of you out there who do not attend MSU then let me explain. These are a group of people that stand outside of Wells and tell us that we are all going to hell. LOL. 
  5. The 1 bus. LOL,  its a sketchy bus route at in Lansing.
  6. Walking long distances to get to class. 
  7. 8 am's 
  8. Applying to law school. So stressful. 
  9. LOL and any other thing that I just can't think of at the moment 


Things I will miss after graduation ....

  1. Friends. Luv them. 
  2. The State News Paper 
  3. Late night food ;) 
  4. Michigan State's amazing study abroad opportunities
  5. Watching people flood the streets of Grand River in their Halloween costume lol 
  6. How Grand River is always flooded on a holiday 
  7. MSU events 
  8. Sultan's Delight 
  9. Pizza House 
  10. Freebies that they give out at MSU events 
  11. Joking with Chika that I attend her rival school 
  12. Being able to come home easily ( when I go to Vermont I will have to come home via plane) 
  13. Lol and any other things that I just can't think of right now 

Chika and I at my first football game ever!!

Pre- Graduation Reflection

I find my self reflecting. I am thinking of all that God has done for me and all the he has is store for me. I keep thinking of how my prayers have been answered beyond my wildest dreams. I also think about how far I have come. Once a girl living in the shadows, I am now living in the spotlight. It feels strange to know that in several months I will be in a completely new environment and will be starting a fresh. I will have to build a new GPA and I will most likely be the youngest student in my law class ( since I am graduating a year early). I truly am very excited and I thank my mother for guiding me. As I walk across the stage next week I will be holding my head high as I close a wonderful chapter of my life.  Peace and love!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Worth Reading

We should not be quick to judge and blame people. This post shows that. What happened in Boston was horrible, but we should not judge other immigrants because at the end of the day we hate when we are judged.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kay Kay's Two Cents !!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so I had watched the season three finale of Mob Wives and I was like ... wow. Love is a psycho!!! All the blame for the fight fell on her. Carla was NOT set up. Love just out of the blue went and attacked Carla, so bad that she probably needed stitches in her hand.  I love to see drama on reality television but I just think that Love is annoying. She contributed nothing to the show except talk about how Carla was allegedly bad mouthing her ( which we all know is not true) . I honestly wish that they do not renew Love's contract for season four of Mob Wives ( if they even have another season since this season was kind of dry).

Watch here:

Pray for Boston

My heart goes out to Boston and all those that were affected by this tragedy

To donate click here:

Trip Down Memory Lane : Australia Summer 2011 Tunes

Hey! So, when I studied abroad in Australia there were so many songs that highlighted the journey, here they are.

Itching on a Photograph by Group love

     Down Under by Men at Work 

Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye 

Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Give me a Home Among the Gumtrees by Bob Brown

Monday, April 15, 2013

More Girls' Day Out Fashion Show Pics !!!!!!!

Life Tips: God's Timing

Are you frustrated that you are still single? Annoyed that you haven't found fame yet ? Feel like an ugly duckling? Well, do not worry. I remember when I used to feel awkward lol. I didn't feel pretty or smart enough and I was figuring myself out like every other teen. I wanted to be on  center stage. I felt that I had spent way to long in the shadows, on the sidelines, and at the butt of someones joke. It wasn't until I started going on these prayer walks with my mom that I finally grew into my own . I could go on and on about what God has done for me, but you guys, my fans, should know by now  ( unless you are new to my blog and then I say hello to you and suggest that you check out this link : My  journey to self love and appreciation has taught me something: God makes everything beautiful in His own time. Don't worry if you are not hot and popping now , those who made fun of you will come to envy you ;) 

This is me  the summer before my sophomore year in high school. I started my prayer walks around this time. I would have never even imagined all that God had in store for me at that time. HAHA lol at me rocking the headband and updo :P

One of my dreams back then was to be in a fashion show... and it came true...IN GOD'S TIME

I always wanted to meet celebrities lol ...met Snoop at Times Square last summer. I also appeared on Good Morning America and Good Afternoon America. On top of that I met loads of other celebrities. Did all of this... IN GOD'S TIME 

Chilling in Antarctica. I had always wanted to travel.  I never would have known that I would have traveled to 6/7 of the continents...but I did IN GOD'S TIME

Who knew that I would graduate from Michigan State University a year early and from there go directly into Vermont law school, the number one law school for environmental law? However, God knew, and he made it happen IN HIS OWN TIME

Finally who knew that I would become a writer of a blog that would be viewed daily by people around the world on every continent ...GOD DID !

State News Article !!!!!!!

I was so happy to see this post online about the fashion show! I also loved that the article was also in today's paper.

All eyes on ME!!!!!