Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Ombre Hair Trend Plans !

January is almost over and then it will be February  so there is not too much winter left. The ombre trend started a while ago and it looks as if it will not be going away. I am planning to do ombre and after meeting with my hair stylist she told me what to do. I want a natural looking  ombre not something crazy so she gave me a quick lesson.

For starters here is the natural hair color chart


My natural hair is a 2 . So she said that I would start with a 2 on top and then fade from 3 to 4 then end at a 5 . When I get it done i'll post pics  ;P

 This is an ombre yes

Monica Middle Part Ombre Hair Weave

also a yes.......

This is an ombre no

Kay Kay's Two Cents

Okay so I must say that I am a HUGE fan of pop culture.  I have strong opinions about the entertainment news and must put my ideas in. So, I think that the whole Beyonce drama is stupid. WHO CARES??? We all know that it was HER VOICE case closed. Now, about the Aretha Franklin dig that was directed at Beyonce we all know that she is  still hating on B because she said Tina Turner was the queen at an award show SEVERAL years ago lol . TOO PETTY! Now for Manti Te'O. I honestly dont think that he is lying and here is why . Most of us ( at least I hope ) have the common sense to know about the dangers that lurk online and know not to date people until we know they are real . However after watching this Dr. Phil video :  I realized that people , grown people , are naive. If they can fall for stuff like that then Te'O my age mate should given a break . I mean what he did is stupid and even a ten year old should know better but I don't think it was for publicity. Now let this just be a lesson to everyone don't believe everything you hear.


Studio C! Review

Hey ! Okay, so I would give this theater 4 out of 5 stars . It really plays off of the dinner and a movie concept. Everyone can order food right from the comfort of their seat and the food is served to you by a waiter.  I definitely recommend anyone that goes to Michigan State and/or is in the area to visit it. Its easy to get to on the bus  routes since it is next to the Meridian Mall and has lots of free parking in front of the theater for those that are driving.

  • student discount ticket : 8 
  • Matinee ticket: 8 
  • Evening ticket: 10 
  • 3 bucks extra to see a 3 D movie 
  • 7 bucks extra to sit in the premier seat 


When I went to the theater I saw a 3 D movie and sat in a premier seat. The premier seat gives you free complimentary popcorn ( and free refills ) . The theater was clean and of course looked super new.


It was not typical theater food lol. The food was more of a restaurant type. They didn't have any tenders though which is typical movie food so I was surprised by that. I mean the food prices are typical of a movie theater , overpriced . They also served alcohol and I thought that was a little strange but interesting to do at a movie theater. I can't comment too much on taste because I only ate popcorn and bought a pretzel ( which tasted good ) . The also have good food presentation , my pretzel looked pretty.  :)  Here is a link to the menu :

Is the premier seat worth the extra $$$$$?????

I say yes because you get a table and a recliner and super wide seats and the best in the house. Also, popcorn is 5 bucks and the premier seat is only 7 bucks extra and you get free popcorn with it so that is a way better deal .

Hansel and Gretel : Witch Hunter Movie Review!!!!!

Hey! So I saw the Hansel and Gretel movie yesterday and I would give it 3 out of 5 stars. I think that it is worth the money !!!! Especially if you see it in 3D like I did. I saw the movie at the new Cinema C theater that was built newly by the Meridian Mall ( that's another review in itself but check it out The movie stars Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton as non other than Hansel and Gretel. Don't worry there aren't going to be any spoilers in my review lol. There was some dark humor in the film and of course a lot of action. I am a huge fan of fairy tales . I loved the Brothers Grimm movie, so if you liked that this is right up your alley. I mush warn you though that this movie is no where as good as the Brothers Grimm movie. Despite it being based on a fairy tale this is no kids movie due to strong language and brief nudity and gory scenes. I think what I like best about this movie is that they took an interesting take on a fairy tale . I mean com eon how could any one never think to turn this brother and sister duo into witch hunters after killing a witch lol ???????????? So below I have a link to the trailer !

Essie Van d'Go Deco Nail Polish

Essie Van d'Go Deco Nail Polish Spring 2010 

I really want this !!!!!!!!!! Its so spring !!!!!!!!


I love to PIN! I have a pinetrest : and that can really give you a sense of who I am !

So I'm Making a Blog Now ???????????

Hello! Im Kel├ęchi Uchendu ( nick names kay kay bt dubs lol ) and I am currently a senior at Michigan State University ( about to graduate this semester yep yep !) and I am majoring in political science pre- law and specializing in environmental studies . Okay so now why am I writing this blog ...... well i figured that since Id been to every single continent except Asia ( yep even Antarctica !) that I had a lot to write about. Also,I am a very opinionated girl so I will be cashing my billion dollar check every now and then . Lastly, I love fashion, makeup, clothes, and the whole she bang. This blog is called Kay Kay's Way because it is going to be about my life lol, I am going to be writing about what ever I want . This isn't gonna be some organized strictly fashion blog or strictly politics blog its diverse. I also don't mind comments so feel free to do so but just be nice :P