Thursday, February 28, 2013

How to Get a Voluminous Straight Look

Jennifer Aniston


  • Iron from the mid-shaft to ends, still moving the iron straight out to the sides, lifting from the scalp
  • Do not drag the iron down when working, because it tends to put creases in the [hair] if you are going against the growth pattern
  • For added flip, twist your wrist slightly away from your face once you've reached the end of a straightened section for a bit of bounce
  •  Mist with a shine spray or flexible hold hairspray. 

How to Get a Super Sleek Look

Follow these steps to get a super straight, polished look like the one seen here on Michelle Trachtenberg:

Step 1: Start by clipping your blow dried hair into manageable sections -- the thicker your hair, the more sections you should create. Starting on the bottom half of your head, near the nape of your neck, grab a half-an-inch to two-inch section of hair.
Step 2: Starting half-an-inch down from your roots (this will help your hair maintain some volume), quickly smooth the iron down the hair shaft  Continue this until you have straightened the bottom and mid-sections of your head.
Step 3: For the final sections near the crown of your head, lift hair off your scalp and get the iron as close to your roots as possible, pressing firmly while drawing the iron straight outward from your head to achieve a flat, smooth finish
Step 4: Mist with shine spray.

Flat Iron Tips

Lots of people flat iron their hair and end up burning it and damaging and having it turn out frizzy lol. These are some tips on how to get results you will love to show off!

  • Pick the right size flat iron. For short, thick or fine hair: Use an iron with narrow plates ranging in size from half-an-inch to one-inch thick.  For long, thick or fine hair: Use an iron with wider plates ranging in size from one-and-a-half inches to two-inches wide so you're able to cover more surface area in less time Also, be weary of the weight of your iron.
  •  Select the right heat setting. For fine or damaged hair: 250-300 degrees. For medium/average hair: 300-350 degrees. For thick or coarse hair: 350-400 degrees.
  •  Use ceramic, toumaline or titanium metals. 
  • Use a heat protectant, prep hair properly. 
  • If your hair is coarse/curly/thick consider a straightening balm  
  • Do not iron hair when wet, as this is a sure way to fry your strands.
  • Do not use broken or chipped hot tools, as they can be dangerous.
  •  Do not use a flat iron everyday 
  • Clean your iron 
  • Comb through with a fine tooth comb while you flat iron 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Beach Hotness: Preview

So Spring break is almost here and I know that a lot of you are going away. In the next posts I am going to be showing you what to wear for your hot shape so look out   ;P Also, I am going to do a series with you called Beach Hotness: how to feel confident at the beach duh....

Jennifer Love Hewitt dealt with people hating on her for her beach body. She brushed it off and is on the cover of Shape. Love Jennifer Love (lol) she exudes confidence.

Pretty Little Liars : Out of Sight, Out of Mind ( Season 3 Episode 21 )

Okay so this episode was pretty slow and said a lot without saying much. Toby is dead!!!!!! Spencer has finally lost it , she even ends up  in the psych ward!!!!!!! Mona is also really annoying and I wonder if she actually killed Toby. Also, they really need to stop showing Ezra's baby mama drama it is soo old and tiring. Hanna and her mother are dealing with  trauma of their own ( really Hanna did you have to sink the car)?  Lastly, Officer Wilden is assumed dead because they showed a man fishing and had pulled out his hat. All in all this was a pretty dry episode in my opinion, but I think that it will be a catalyst to more interesting episodes.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Trip Down Memory Lane ( Music Luv)

Okay so Queen Salawa Abeni is Super popular in Nigeria and several years ago this song was my song!!!!!! I am in love with Latin, Top 40 ( ex: Katy Perry, Beyonce etc.) ,  and African music .This video is of her whole album. The song I like starts at the  8:30 minute and then ends at about the 17 minute mark.

I LOVE SHAKIRA!!!!!!!!!! This was one of her songs that I couldn't get out of my head !

Brenda Fassie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Late South African pop star!!!!

Who could forget this?????? Skentele hahahaha

Fela Kuti!!!!!!!!!!!


La Oreja de Van Gogh

Lupe !!!!!!!!

Sunshowers and Galang !!!!!!MIA!!!!!!!

Last but not least..... Premier Gaou ( started my love of African music )


Natural Hair Treatments

How to Wash Natural Kinky Hair

Beachy Wave Trick

  1.  Split and braid your hair into two sections and tie with a rubber band
  2. Twist the braid away from your face and then twist the flat iron onto your hair in the same direction your hair is twisted. 
  3.  Do not touch rubber band or else you will get that weird crease.
  4.  Repeat this process twice! 
  5. After hair is cooled, then take them out and run your fingers through the braid.

Make Waves with a Flatiron

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Life Tips: Forget the Haters

You know that saying let your haters be your motivators, well forget that. Hate should not motivate you . Instead let you motivation come from within, the love that you have for yourself that makes you want to succeed. Love you guys and stay blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book to Read

 It’s time to learn how the world really works, not how you wish it worked, not how it should work, but how it really works. If you’ve been doing everything “by the book,” and your life still isn’t where you want it be, you’ve been reading the wrong book. Life Code: The New Rules for Winning in the Real World will empower you to become a leader of your own life, and just as importantly, protect yourself and those you love.

“Life is a game — and you will either be a player or be the one played,” explains Dr. Phil. “Yesterday’s rules and expectations about relationships, emotions and interacting just simply don’t apply any more, not like they used to … and those who figure that out and adapt to the current world will have an incredible edge.” This book will create an urgent awareness within readers, and help them become street-smart and savvy.

Life Code offers readers a rare glimpse inside the minds of “bad guys” we all have in our lives, in the form of a “Secret Playbook,” that spells out exactly how the users, abusers and exploiters think and act. But it goes so much further, revealing the “Sweet 16” powerful tools that the world’s most successful people know and use on a daily basis to get what they want and keep it.

 Among other Life Code lessons, you will learn to:

  • Accept that “life is a game” and decide whether you want to play or be played.
  • Identify the BAITERs (Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters and/or Reckless people) through the “Evil Eight” Identifiers.
  • Evaluate how well this full-contact sport known as life is being played and learn the steps, traits and techniques necessary to win at everything — every day.
  • Recognize that much of life is a negotiation and learn to successfully negotiate across all areas: work, marriage and family.
  • Adopt a new “Life Code” by operating from a winner’s playbook with the most competitive tactics — the “Sweet 16” — for winning in the real world.
  • Implement the new “Life Code” and learn how it not only applies to them, but also to their family and their role as parents.

A companion DVD, Beyond Life Code, is also available, in which Dr. Phil himself gives the reader an in-depth look into how the information within the pages of this book can be applied to everyday life, by way of example.


Buy at: for $ 15


Check this Out!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love her channel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check this Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me at the Drybar in New York City

Drybar (  is chain of blow dry bars. These are hair places that only do blow outs ( no colors and cuts ) and they are about 35 to 40  bucks !!!!!!! Fun atmosphere must go to at least once !!!!!!! None in Michigan though :(

Looks they create : 

Tips for an Inverted Triangle Face Shape

I have this face shape !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taken from:

Tips for an Oval Face Shape

Taken from :

Tips for a Pear Face Shape

Taken from :

Tips for an Oblong Face Shape

Taken from :

Tips for a Rectangle Face Shape

Taken from :

Tips for a Heart Shaped Face

Taken from :

Tips for a Diamond Face Shape

Taken from :

Tips for a Round Face Shape

Taken from :

Find Your Face Shape !!!!!!!!!!

Taken From :

Trip Down Memory Lane (My Travels)

Hey So since I am graduating soon i just felt led to make a post showing a summary of the study abroad/away programs that I have done .These are my most memorable pictures!!!!!!!

Ireland (Summer 2010) 

Ireland was amazing !!!!!! I made friends that I still speak to today. Also, it was my first study abroad. I loved the country side even better than the city in Ireland. 


Australia (Summer 2011)

Down Under was an interesting experience . I really dug deep into the Aboriginal culture and I was hurt by the injustice that is still present there today. So, for me the trip was not just to surf and see the reef (which I did) but it was an unforgettable learning experience. 
Click here for my Australia blog!

Antarctica ( Winter 2011) 

Where do I begin? Not many can say they have been here? I also camped out on the continent, ate a piece of an  iceberg, and jumped in the FREEZING COLD  water. Love it !!!!!!!!

Argentina ( Winter 2011) 

I love Latin America!!!!!!!! I love Argentina !!!!!!!!!!! I also climbed part of the Andes mountains while here  =D , visited Buenos Aires, and stayed in Ushuaia ( technically the end of the world) so I can say I have been to the end of the world and back lol ! 

New York City ( Summer 2012) 

This was fun !!!! The highlight of my trip was seeing Snoop Dogg twice in Times Square (he wore the same hat too) . The first time I was with my friend Ela and we were not sure if it was him lol! The second time I was with another friend and we stopped him and took a picture. He was not super nice  ( actually he was not nice at all). I was like, " hey Snoop I'm you number one fan " and he just stared blankly at me. My friend was nervous and was fidgeting with the camera and he said, " hey babe we need to hurry this up ."  So, that was my encounter with Snoop =D

Friday, February 22, 2013

Check this Out : Stella Dot has the best jewelry  :) Check it out !!!!!!!!!!  Prices aren't too bad either ;) 


 Kim Kardashian

Get the Look: 

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Life Tips: Finding True Love

As we are moving into spring and eventually summer I  decided that this may be a necessary post. With all the talk of summer and spring love in the air I have advice that anyone can use. I am mainly speaking to girls, because I think that there is a lot of false information out there and I want to give my opinion.  Here are my tips. 

  1. Love yourself. If you do not love your self not only will you not love anyone else but no one else will love you . My mother would always say, " what ever you say about yourself , people will agree with you ". If you say your are a queen and only deserve the best then you  will only attract a king that is willing to give you the best. 
  2. Don't search for love. Love will find you when you least expect it . When you try to hard , you seem desperate and no man wants a woman to hunt him down lol 
  3. Develop your self to the fullest.  Make sure that you are 100% independent, 100% confident, and 100% financially stable  before you even think about getting into a relationship. A relationship needs two 100% people  that will make a 200% couple  . Forget that saying of 50/50. If you are not whole then you should not be in a relationship and should  take some time out to develop yourself . 
  4. Be yourself. Some men like short girls and some like tall girls. Some men like blue eyes and some like brown. There is someone in the world for everyone. Changing yourself to please someone is not only stressful it is cheating yourself from finding someone that is looking for someone just like you . 
  5. Write a physical list. Write a physical list of  what you want in a relationship.Be honest and do not be shallow about it either. After you are done writing about the list pray about it or confess this everyday, " I will be  given ALL the desires of my heart."
  6. NEVER SETTLE.  Do not settle on anything that is not the desire of your heart. The universe may throw things at you that are counterfeit, but do not give in. Also, ignore the haters that say you are picky , who cares if you have standards. At the end of the day it is not their life. 
The End Result of Following my Life Tips

Barack and Michelle Obama

 Dr. Phil and his wife Robin

Kay Kay's Tunes =D

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Check this Out : My Favorite Restaurant in East Lansing

I love Middle Eastern food ! The Sultan's Delight is my favorite restaurant. I give them five stars! The food is fresh and authentic and does not break the bank. I love the friendly staff as well. I would definitely go there over Woody's Oasis ( which I would give 2 out of five stars) . My favorite think to get from Sultan's Delight is the orange smoothie and the meat feast. The food is also pretty healthy so it want break your caloric bank lol ! This is their website : Also, this is their address : 235 Albert Ave, East Lansing, Michigan.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bucket List Item

So, you can tell from my previous post about Argentina that I am obsessed with that country. I would love to learn to do the Argentine Tango ( in addition to having a gorgeous Argentine dance partner...). That is on my bucket list.  ;)

This dress in red will be my future Argentine Tango dress lol

Future Argentine Tango dance partner, Nacho Figueras. LOL. Well, a girl can dream . I'll just have to find another dreamy Argentine man ;) 


To get the look click here :

Style to Try!