Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Simply Naked Beauty Holiday!

I absolutely enjoy  using Simply Naked Beauty's products!  CLICK HERE to shop with this amazing company! From November 27th through December 25th, you can save ten percent off of your order with the code: SNBSANTA.

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Friday, November 25, 2016

My #DubChallenge LOL

I was 14 and SUPER SKINNY!!!! 


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Stay Strong Standing Rock

As many of us are eating our Thanksgiving meals there are many that will be on the frontlines fighting for their rights.  I wanted to say to everyone at Standing Rock that I support them and I am disgusted with the situation. It is a shame that the government is STILL disregarding and disrespecting the lives of  Native Americans. Stay strong Standing Rock!

\#NoDAPL — Stand with Standing Rock.:

CLICK HERE to learn more

What I am Thankful for in 2016

To say that God has been amazing to me this year is definitely an understatement! I decided to list what I have been thankful for this year (I know there is more to come).  Side note: I am not listing these in order of what I consider to be the most important, it is just a list lol! Be sure to click on the links that I have sprinkled throughout this post.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Get Better Kanye !!!!!!

The Kanye West Guide to God-Level Fashion Photos | GQ:

CLICK HERE to read the details. I do not find this funny at all. I take mental health and mental illness seriously and I pray he gets well. I think that he is still affected by his mother's death. :(  Stay strong brother! 

Discount for Lilly Lashes by Lilly Ghalichi !!!!

Lilly Ghalichi:

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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Simply Naked Beauty

I had so much fun at WALK Detroit! However, wearing three coats of foundation and eye concealer left my skin in need of some pampering. Luckily for me, I had Simply Naked Beauty to nurse my skin back to life. 



I really enjoyed using Simply Naked Beauty's Complete Under Eye Repair. This formula is organic and helped with the dark circles and puffiness under my eyes.

Simply Naked Beauty's Anti-Aging Serum not only tightens the skin, but it also soothes an irritated, inflamed face. I also recommend that you refrigerate this serum because it feels refreshing when you put it on cold! 

Simply Naked Beauty's Brow Kit  comes with an eyebrow tutorial guide, a brow brush, and an eyebrow powder. This Brow Kit made my eyebrows look naturally polished! 

Brows on Fleek!!!!

*Disclosure—This post is a sponsored post.  Products were received in exchange for my review and ongoing professional relationship. The post may contain affiliate links. By clicking and shopping, you help support Kay Kay’s Way and allow me to continue reporting on all things beautiful and fashionable. 

Walk Fashion Show Detroit 2016

On November 13, 2016, the Walk Fashion Show was held at The Eastern Market.  WALK  was founded in 2009 by native Detroiters, Daishawn Franklin, and Crystal Bailey, for the purpose of contributing to the evolving fashion industry in the Motor City. WALK has really grown over the years and today, approximately five-hundred people attend each casting call and more than two-thousand fashionistas attend these shows from Detroit to Atlanta, and around the nation.

Daishawn and Crystal at Walk Fashion Show

Daishawn Franklin and Crystal Bailey. Bailey is looking stunning in a dress designed by Tyrone Hunter.
Dominique Jackson, a seasoned model and one of the stars of Oxygen’s hit show Strut, killed it on the runway. Jackson is adorned in a dress designed by  RC Caylan .

Dominique Jackson
Dominique Jackson on the Walk runway. CLICK HERE for my video interview with Dominique. 

Kelechi Uchendu and Push
Kay Kay, the official blogger for the Walk Fashion Show in Detroit poses with Push from FSCL and a model. Kay Kay and the model are looking stunning in FSCL’s jackets.

On Sunday, the 2pm Emerging Designer Showcase featured:
Later that evening, the 6pm Independent Designer Showcase featured:
WALK was sponsored by:
We would like to thank Daishawn Franklin, Crystal Bailey, Access By NKC,  all of the designers and sponsors, the volunteers, the media and the rest of the WALK team. 

Walk Fashion Show Detroit 2016

Photos: Access By NKC and Kay Kay's World LLC. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

#TeamDFN Visits Détroit Is the New Black

Detroit is the New Black

On September 16, 2016, the Detroit Fashion News team visited Détroit Is the New Black (located on 1426 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI).  The city of Detroit possesses a magic that one cannot describe. Even though Roslyn Karamoko  (the genius behind this masterpiece) is not a Detroit native, she was captivated by this magic and created this Detroit-inspired boutique.
Detroit is the New Black
The store is known for its unique indescribable design along with great clothing. The vision behind the store layout is from the artist, Leon Dickey.
Detroit is the New Black Store
Détroit Is the New Black features brands that include: XENOPHORATracy ReeseVIZUVLGVDŠ and Leon Dickey.

The Lip Bar and Kelechi Uchendu
The Lip Bar products are given a special section of the store, where customers can sample different products.  The Lip Bar is a company that is based in Detroit that offers natural lipsticks and lip glosses in fun colors!
#TeamDFN really enjoyed our shirts and is so grateful for our opportunity to explore Détroit Is the New Black. We would like to thank Roslyn Karamoko, Timothy Schumack, and the rest of the Détroit Is the New Black team.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Walk Fashion Show is today!!!!!!!!!

Hello !!!!!! I am the official blogger for the Walk Fashion Show in Detroit!!!! Stay tuned, I will be blogging about this event on various media platforms today!!!!

CLICK HERE for more info!!!!!


Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Make America Great Again.... Ummmmmm.....Ewwwwww.... Donald Trump is the New President of the United States.... FIX IT JESUS

Donald Trump will sadly be the President of the United States. I am beyond disgusted that a racist, sexist, Islamophobia jerk with no political experience beat out Hillary Clinton. This country has a race issue. Donald Trump will NEVER be my president. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Goodbye to the Obama's

To say that I love this family is an understatement. I remember hosting an Obama party in high school and doing my best to get adults to vote for this man. Obama is the first president I ever voted for (I voted for him during his second term). Michelle Obama is the BEST first lady ever... she is the definition of a strong black woman and black girl magic. It was also an honor to watch their daughters ( Sasha and Malia) grew up into stunning  young women. Farewell to the Obama family...  these eight years have been real !!!!!!

The First Family:

I Voted!!!!!!

I voted today!!!! I voted really early in the morning for Hillary Clinton!!! I pray she wins this race and we have a woman president. Also, Trump is racist and everything but a child of God so we cannot have him be the face of our nation. Stay tuned for my after-the-election comments.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016


I have a surprise that I will share with you guys on Saturday, November 12th!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!!!!