Friday, June 9, 2017

Interviewing with Kay Kay: Kelechi Okafor

Kelechi Okafor is simply amazing! She is funny, real, and ....REAL! She is the owner of the Kelechnekoff and Twerk Werkz (located in London). It was an honor to interview her and when I am in London you BESTA BELIEVE that I am stopping in her studio to get my TWERK ON!!!

Kay Kay’s Way: How would you describe your dance style? 

Okafor: My dance style is very much about feeling. It's very much about being in the moment and being all of you within that moment.

Kay Kay’s Way: How would you describe Kelechnekoff and its brainchild, Twerk Werkz?

Okafor: Kelechnekoff is fun, vibrant, and overall loving. Twerk Werkz is an extension of that. It is a class that's meant to bring joy, ownership, and reclamation to our bodies as women (most especially as black women).

Kay Kay’s Way: What was your background before you started Kelechnekoff?

Okafor: My background before opening my studio was in fitness, theater arts, and performing arts. I had taken part in athletics during my school years. After trying to get jobs as an actress, I realized that I should pursue something else that I cared about just as much. I cared about fitness just as much so I became a personal trainer and I spent many years training various clients.

Kay Kay’s Way: What made you want to launch Kelechnekoff?

Okafor: I launched my studio because I wanted to create a space where I could teach in a way that I felt was missing in the fitness industry. Training with kindness!

Kay Kay’s Way: How did you get started launching your business and what was the hardest part about launching Kelechnekoff?

Okafor: The Main challenge was financing. Studio cost quite a bit and getting finances together wasn't easy even with crowdfunding.

Kay Kay’s Way: Where do you see yourself and Kelechnekoff in the next five years?

Okafor: In the next five years, I see myself and my studio on another stage of this journey. Happiness is my main focus… no matter what happens.

Kay Kay’s Way: What do you love the most about Kelechnekoff?

Okafor: I love that the studio encourages people to be at ease and enjoy their bodies. It is great that people who attend, sense the supportive environment.

Kay Kay’s Way: What advice would you give to future entrepreneurs? 

Okafor: Just do it! It is ok to be afraid but it's not ok to let the fear stop you.

Okafor: The name is like the gun Kalashnikov!

Kay Kay’s Way: You recently were a contestant on the Ultimate Hell Week. How was that????!!!!!

Okafor: Ultimate hell week was just that… hell!!! However, it was also the best experience I've ever had. I think had I not gone to South Africa to take part in the show, I wouldn't be where I am now in terms of having my own studio. The show made me realize that I had strengths that I didn't even know were there. That realization made a huge impact on my confidence and my ambitions.

Photo of Okafor: Property of Okafor 

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