Sunday, April 21, 2019

Critiquing Kay Kay's Fashion's Digital Marketing Strategy

Hey everyone! So, I always like to provide you interesting content for you all to view and I am sorry that I have not blogged in a while. Therefore, I decided to do something really different. I will be critiquing Kay Kay’s Fashion’s digital media presence on this post! I think that it is really important to always practice self-reflection and maybe my transparency can help someone. So, I am going to first talk about the pros and cons of Kay Kay’s Fashion’s digital media presence. First of all, I think that Kay Kay’s Fashion is doing a great job of being on several different social media platforms because this will allow the company to reach more people. Second of all, Kay Kay’s Fashion posts images that are high-quality to its social media platform which is great since people like to view high-quality images. Third, Kay Kay’s Fashion has a very high engagement level with its audience on social media. Next, I believe that Kay Kay’s Fashion could work on consistently posting at least once every day because we do not post every day or consistently. To fix this issue, I recommend that Kay Kay’s Fashion has a schedule that states when (including what time) it will post to social media. Finally, I believe that Kay Kay’s Fashion could post more posts that will spawn more engagement with its audience. Therefore, I recommend that Kay Kay’s Fashion should host some contests and giveaways or even post posts that ask its audience questions. My third recommendation for Kay Kay’s Fashion is to consistently and actively read up on ways to improve their digital presence because one can never learn too much!

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