Friday, December 8, 2017

How I Started Kay Kay's World LLC

So, I know that many of you ( about 1.8 million of you to be exact lol)  are new to my blog and came here from seeing me in British Vogue. Well, first of all, I want to say HELLO and THANK YOU for visiting Kay Kay's Way! The story about how I started Kay Kay's World LLC is short, sweet, interesting, and simple. I went to bed one night and had a dream about a dress that everyone was admiring. When I woke up I could not get this image out of my head and I had a strong desire to replicate this dress in the real world. I told my mother about this desire and she said that I should GO FOR IT! So, I had my younger sister draw the dress and I headed to Detroit Sewn to help them sew the dress for me (since I can think up ideas but I am not handy with the sewing machine). 

I started the dress in October 2016 and I finished the dress in March 2017. I then registered Kay Kay's World LLC at the end of March 2017. I named it Kay Kay's World LLC because I don't only own Kay Kay's Fashion but I own Kay Kay's Way. I had a vision of owning and building an empire lol! 

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