Friday, December 8, 2017

The Best Christmas Present Ever

When I say that God is good… I am definitely downplaying how amazing God really is. Let me first put things into context before I spill the real tea.  I legally registered my business at the end of March 2017 and did not have my website complete and up and running until June/July 2017. Then, in October of 2017, I ended up partnering with ASOS Marketplace. Just when I thought things could not get any better… they did. I woke up one morning in November and I opened an email from British Vogue. The email was from one of the executives. The email stated that I was inspirational and that they liked my online presence. The email also stated that British Vogue wanted to feature me in the January 2018 issue. I honestly could not believe it. I ended up having to read the email several times and then do some research to make sure that this was a real email. When I realized that this was real life and that it was legitimate, I felt light-headed. When I went to tell my mother and sister the news they are in shock. When they came out of the shock they became super excited and immediately gave God the glory.

If you are still reading this blog post then you really need to understand where I am coming from. My business is not even up to a year old and I was already being featured in British Vogue. In addition, they were the ones who approached me with the desire to feature me in the issue of Vogue. It is crazy that they came to me and I did not need to send a pitch to them to convince them to feature me in the magazine. Also, I had not had any major press before this. Vogue is the most prestigious fashion magazine and is also one of the most prestigious media sources in the world!Therefore, it was astonishing to me that my first major press coverage would be in British Vogue. 

Stay with me, please. Remember how I told you that British Vogue told me I was inspirational. It made me think… why would they find me inspirational? That is when it occurred to me, that it was most likely because of my social media posts about bullying and even my ME TOO blog post which discuss my past struggles with bullying and how I ended up victorious in the end. I had been led (more like pushed lol) by God to write these posts. Isn’t it funny how when we think that we are helping someone else we end up helping ourselves?!!?? This is why I am so loyal and obsessed with the God that I serve. When God was advising me, he knew all along that what I was doing was leading me to Vogue and beyond lol! God never leads his sheep on any path that is not headed to glory!

Finally, I have to make another point. In college, I remember being super bitter and resentful towards the group of uber-popular students that had bullied me in high school. I remember feeling extreme contempt towards the bully that had sexually harassed me and was a leader in the bullying. I also was angry that I had to be a victim of that foolishness. I would often wonder why I had to suffer from PTSD… it WAS SO NOT FAIR! Then, one day while I was upset and depressed, God spoke to me. He told me that I was meant to go through that situation to be a role model. I was meant to go through that evil to be an example of what God can do and to give a voice to those who experienced bullying (especially give a voice to girls of color who experience bullying etc.). 

I find it ironic that something that I wished could have never happened… helped fulfill one of my wildest dreams. Let me phrase this differently, the people who hurt me were all a part of God’s plan. God used what the devil meant for harm for the glory of his name… don’t you just love when that happens??!!!!?

I understand that I have ranted and raved forever at this point. However, I just have to close with a brief statement. I always told myself that once I was featured in Vogue that I had made it. However, God has recently told me that this is really only the beginning and I have not arrived yet! I give God all the glory! 

This is the January 2018 issue that I am in. I am featured on page 216.

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